want to join?

Singers interested in joining the YYC are asked to audition in either the Spring or the Fall for the upcoming season.

Contact us to inquire and set up an appointment.

Once you have been accepted into a choir, you will be given access to the REGISTRATION page of the website where you will find the registration form and instructions about payment.


What does an audition involve?
Singers will sing "O Canada" or another song of their choice that they bring with them. Singers will also be asked to do some ear tests like echo clapping and singing. The whole process is painless and lasts about 10 minutes.
Why do I have to audition?
Hearing each singer individually helps the conductor measure the strength of the singer's voice and musical skills. It gives her an idea for where to place the singer within the ensemble and how far along the singer is in his or her vocal and musical journey.
When are the auditions?
Auditions are held in June and August each year.  The next auditions will be held on Sunday June 2, 2019 from 6-8 PM at Sir John Franklin High School in the music room.


Membership Fees: The annual society family membership fee is $25.
Yellowknife Youth Choir: Tuition is $520 per year
Singing lessons are optional and available during rehearsal time at an extra cost with vocal coach Claire Singer.
Trip fees are approximately $1,500 per singer.
Fundraising throughout the season is aimed at defraying trip costs.
The YYC will be travelling in the Spring of 2019.

Parent support

How do I get involved to support my child?

  • You can support your child by bringing him or her to rehearsal on time, helping to ensure that your child attends every rehearsal and by encouraging your child to complete theory homework each week.

  • Parents are invited to join the Board of the Yellowknife Youth Choir Society and will be asked to help with fundraising.

  • Parents are also needed in a rotating weekly basis to mark theory books, size uniforms and provide pot luck items for social events.